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2019 FCR NW Track Cycling Championships Junior/U19 Scholarship Details.

>$75 per attending junior rider (U19) up to *6 riders per track

>Riders must race two days, minimum

>Junior scholarships payable to official coach/guardian upon paid registration at the NWTCCs on August 16-18, 2019

>Eligible Velodromes: Alpenrose, Burnaby, Westshore (Victoria)

>All funds in US dollars

>If your track is sending some junior/U19 riders, please send an email to the following address with the words: "Junior Scholarship" in the subject line:  eric@lillmonster.net

>*An additional $50 if a track has seven U19 riders or more ($500 maximum scholarship per track).  

Number of Riders


Payout Scale

1st Junior (U19) Rider

$75 per junior rider rider (up to 6)


2nd Junior (U19) Rider


3rd Junior (U19) Rider


4th Junior (U19) Rider


5th Junior (U19) Rider


6th Junior (U19) Rider


*7th Junior (U19) Rider

Additional Junior Rider $50

$500 (Maximum Payout)

About Fred

August 2012By: Fred's Friends
Fred was awesome.  

One would be hard pressed to find anyone who loved the bike, and believed in the bike, more than Fred. No matter the situation Fred always found the positive side to things, especially when it came to two human-powered wheels. If Fred didn't have a good race, he found the positives in YOUR RACE. On training rides if you rode in a dangerous manner, Fred was the first to hold you accountable, for your own safety. If you were new and just discovering the bike, be it recreational riding, racing, triathlon, commuting, mountain biking, whatever, Fred would take the time to help you progress at your own pace. Not just riding the bike, but how to be self-sufficient and confident when out on the road or trail. From Portland to Lynnwood to Redmond to Seattle and beyond there are countless stories of Fred taking the time to really teach people about the bicycle and how it makes a better world. Some of these people, who became Fred's close friends, couldn't ride much more than a short distance at a snail's pace, often due to heart trouble, diabetes, and a myriad of health issues, but Fred patiently brought them all along. 

Why a track race as a memorial? Well, Fred loved the track. He quietly maintained the MVA rental fleet, showed-up to assist with the junior program, and volunteered every chance his schedule would allow. After years of battling his own health issues that kept him from racing, all while he still maintained a volunteer presence at the track, he finally returned for part of the 2011 race season. 2012 was to mark Fred’s return to a full track racing season.

Fred loved to race. He didn't care about the prize money or merchandise or prestige of winning, he just loved to race his bike. If you’re lucky enough, or good enough to take home a medal, Fred would be one of the first to congratulate you, but he would be more appreciative that you just came out to race your bike. That's why Fred's Race, also known as the Fred C. Rehberger Memorial Northwest Track Cycling Championships, will be about the love of racing and remembering one of our cycling community's quiet heroes. 

You see, Fred was awesome and we miss him very much. And yes, Fred would go!

2019 Sponsors

Fred C. Rehberger Northwest Track Cycling Championships

Gregg's Cycle!

Gregg's Cycle has been out title sponsor for the four three years and we're psyched to have them back!


Pyatt/Broadmark has been with us since the beginning! Without their support for Fred's Race and track racing in general, we'd be racing on the road!

DYNA Racing

A long time sponsor of the three days in the valley, and we're glad they've come back to play!

First Strike Velo 

First Strike Velo and Slalom Consulting have been with Fred's Race from the start. We hope to see them back for 2018!


CONTACT:  racing@velodrome.org
Jerry Baker Memorial Velodrome
Marymoor Park
King County
Redmond, WA

The Northwest Track Cycling Championships, a.k.a., Fred's Race,  is about celebrating velodrome racing and a guy who loved the sport. While there's great competition from juniors to pros to past olympians, the soul of the event is to get as many people out to race and enjoy the day as possible. Take that kind of energy, add a beer garden, and maybe a food truck or two and boom, we got one heck of a party. If you haven't tried track racing, go to velodrome.org and sign-up for a class, you'll be glad you did! If you are in Portland, check-out Alpenrose Velodrome. If you're in Vancouver, BC, check-out Burnaby Velodrome Club, and if you're on Vancouver Island, head on over to Victoria's Westshore Velodrome. Each track has a great introduction to racing on a velodrome.

If you're just interested in watching some great racing and enjoying a tasty beverage, we have that handled too! Just remember, FRED WOULD GO!